This is what the press has to say about Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 concerts and albums. Including the new album Sugarbird!

Wouter Mattelin (Radio 1)

Those who like swing and blues will love the new cd of Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3

Guy De Pré (Radio 2)

A new name in the Flemish music business, to be reckoned with!

Freddy Vandervelpen (Rootsville)

… to be frank, I had to calm down after listening to their new album: outstanding! Tastes will differ of course but what Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 have created on this album is unbelievable. It’s incredible and by far the best they ever made.

Marcie (Rootstime)

Every time I listen to Sugarbird I have to say, new favorite songs jump at me. The whole album is just one vintage music fest … with more than 200 shows in Belgium and abroad in the last couple of years Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 have build a strong live reputation … the likes of Meschiya Lake, Pokey Lafarge and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.  

Peter Marinus (Blues Magazine)

The Netherlands and Belgium have turned into a tropical paradise with extreme high temperatures. They are the ideal circumstances for a wild beach party and cocktail party and I have the ideal music for it: the new album of the Belgian band Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3.  

Antoine Legat (Rootstime)

If this wonderful cd release party had to prove anything, it would be that Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 have matured fully in a not so trendy but melodic style in which they bring absolute quality! A gifted songwriter and a top singer are their main strongpoints. They bring you quality entertainment with lots of enthusiasm and savoir faire.

Benny Metten (Ctrl.Alt.Country)

Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 are really international class. A must see band!