Bio Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3

Little Kim has often been compared to Pokey Lafarge, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis and JD McPherson … with her own stylish mix of (Western) Swing, Manouche, R&B, Gospel, Americana, and Country Blues. Jan De Smet, Guido Belcanto and Ray Benson of the American Western Swing band “Asleep at the Wheel”, are just one of the few great artists who are extremely enthusiastic about the band.

Little Kim & the alley apple 3 mix old and new … vintage music, updated to modern standards, that takes you back to the atmosphere of the forties and fifties. Moreover, they use a bunch of instruments of the same era: National resonators from the thirties, Gibson archtop guitars from the forties, a double bass from 1800 … music that fits a club stage,  as well as a festival perfectly. 

Also, after more than  470 shows in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany … and a tour with the famous Belgian artist Guido Belcanto, Little Kim released her 4th full album: “Sugarbird”.  

Celebrating 10 years on the road with a new Little Kim album

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary the band released their 4th full album “Sugarbird on the 9th of July 2018. The album contains 10 new songs, written by Tom De Poorter, who got inspired by fifties R&B and Gospel.Moreover, he also recorded, mixed and mastered the album at his “Sugarbird Recordings” studio using vintage (tube) recording equipment from the sixties … to recreate the unique and authentic sound of that era.

Wanting to see how far you can take a minimalistic recording setup the band only used 1 sixties Revox G36 tape recorder, 2 microphones and 3 sixties mic preamps: a British Vortexion Wimbledon 4M/15W (the one the legendary Joe Meek used on his recordings), an Altec 1567A (the one heard on many Motown recordings) and an Altec 436C (the one the Beatles used at Abbey Road Studios).

For “Sugarbird” the band collaborated with a couple of good friends and great musicians: Hans Verhelle on baritone and tenor saxophone, Stan Vangheluwe on piano and Jannes De Schrijver on backing vocals. 

Little Kim on National Radio

Throughout the years, the music of Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 has been received well by Belgian national radio stations, especially by national Radio 1 & 2. Here’s an overview of the rotation of our singles listed by album:

Sugarbird (2018)

The single “Sugarbird” was in rotation on Classic 21/ RTBF. The album got a 20 minute feature on national Radio 1 in the show Allez Allez. And it was Album of the Week on national Radio 2!

The Longest Mile (2016)

Album of the week on national Radio 2 (week of 9 May 2016) & the singles Pea Picker Blues and the Kings of Goblin Market were added to the roots category of national Radio 1.

She’ll keep the Devil Dancing on your Heart (2012)

The singles “Slappin’ Slim” and “I wish I could shimmy” were in rotation on national Radio 1.

Riding the Rails (2010)

The single “Ballad of the Old Oak Tree” was in rotation on national Radio 1
The band also gets great press reviews … of their live concerts and their albums. If you want an overview of press clippings, click here

Little Kim side projects

Throughout the years, the band and its individual members met up and worked together with some fine national and international artists.

Kimberly had the honor of performing with Guido Belcanto on several occasions. She accompanied him on his cd release party at the biggest concert venue of Belgium: Ancienne Belgique, she contributed to his latest album “Liefde & Devotie” and she regularly goes on tour with him. Kim also had the honor of performing live with Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel in Bowie Texas, during his American Tour and formed a new French Chanson band: “Le Jardin Secret”.

Tom Played on an American tour with American artist Wendy Colona and Bruno Deneckere through Texas, has several other bands like LENA and Ed Desmul Band and is busy recording bands at his “Sugarbird Recordings”.

Selim plays with the Rockabilly band “The Wildcats” and Patrick also plays with his western swing, hula and country blues band “Those Metal Boys with their Metal Toys”. 

Little Kim Highlights

Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 played over 470 concerts in Germany, Holland, France and Belgium in their 10 years on stage and have build a strong live reputation. The online music magazine Rootstime even mentioned in a review that their live reputation even holds its place among bands like Meschiya Lake, Pokey Lafarge and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

They played a lot of shows but here are some of the most memorable:    2 x Breda Jazz Festival (Breda/ NL) ♫ Bethune Retro (Bethune/ FR) ♫ 2 x Music Club N9 (Eeklo/ BE) ♫ De Vooruit (Gent/ BE) ♫ 2 x Banana Peel Blues Club (Ruiselede/ BE) ♫ Jazzfestival Delft (Delft/ NL) ♫ Sonsbeek Theater Avenue (Arnhem/ NL) ♫ Straatfeesten Kalmthout (Kalmthout/ BE) ♫ 5 x Gentse Feesten (Gent/ BE) ♫ Hawaiian Luau (Lille/ FR) ♫ 2 x CC Cité Culture (Brussel/ BE) ♫ Rockabillyday (Ertvelde/ BE) ♫ Rockin’ Around Turnhout (Turnhout/ BE) ♫ CC De Breughel (Bree/ BE) ♫ Honky Tonk Jazz Club (Dendermonde/ BE) ♫ Gideon Music Festival (Groningen/ NL) ♫ Arscene (Hansbeke/ BE) ♫ Madness Festival (Ameland/ NL) ♫ CC De Zeyp (Brussel/ BE) ♫ Hearts & Soul (Enschede/ NL) ♫ Begijnhoffeesten (Gent/ BE) ♫ Straattheaterfestival (Lauwe/ BE) ♫ SJU Jazzclub (Utrecht/ NL) ♫ CC De Mastbloem (Kruishoutem/ BE) ♫ 3 x Jazzenede (Assenede/ NL) ♫ K4 Kulturzentrum (Nürnberg/ DE) ♫ De Centrale (Gent/ BE) ♫ Centre Culturel de Saint George (Saint George/ BE)