More pictures of our release show.

For those who couldn’t make it to our release show in May. Here are some amazing pictures of that night! (Photo’s: Anne De Meulemeester)

Na Fir Bolg: what a night!

What a night we had last Saturday at the Na Fir Bolg festival! And what a wonderful line-up. It was an honor for us to share the stage with great artists like: Axelle Red, Stef Bos, Scala, Pieter Embrechts, … For those who weren’t able to make it to a Little Kim show yet and wonder what it’s like. Here’s some live footage from our show on the 2nd of July.

The song’s called “Little Girl of Mine in Tennessee” and we brought along Luk Vermeir on piano (Isolde et les Bens). We hope you like it!

Little Girl of Mine in Tennesse (Lyrics)

Oh, a long long time ago when I left my home to roam
Down in the hills of Tennessee
Was the sweetest little girl that was ever in this world
Down in the hills of Tennessee Oh, little girl of mine in Tennessee
I know she’s waiting there for me
Someday I’ll settle down in that little country town
With that little girl of mine in Tennessee

Oh, she begged me not to go “You’ll be sorry dear I know”
For the way that you’ve been treating me
So I rambled all around but nothing could be found
To take the place of her in Tennessee

Oh, someday I’ll wander back to that little mountain shack
The little girl that’s waiting there for me
I can see her smiling face waiting for me at the gate
The little girl of mine in Tennessee


Breda Jazz Festival was amazing! No doubt!

So Breda Jazz Festival was great! Again! It was the third time we played there and Roland Kompier an his team amazes us each time how well organized this festival is. Due to circumstances we brought along the amazing piano player Luk Vermeir from Isolde et les Bens. Our own dear Pat was struck with an illness so he couldn’t make it. Luk however did a wonderful job!

And we got to see other great bands! We especially like Bert Deivert’s band who played their set after us on the same stage! Go and see them if you have a chance!

And did we say … we love Breda? Yes we DO!