RIP Jean Ritchie!

We were recording today when we read the sad news of the passing of Jean Ritchie. So we decided to film our take on the song “The L&N don’t stop here anymore” … in her honor. We hope you like it!

The audience at Jazzclub Perdido in Hillegom was incredible

Just one word: WOW! What an incredible audience in Hillegom! We got in the van around 4 and arrived two and a half hours later in a beautiful quiet town in the Netherlands: Hillegom. We were welcomed by the president of the local jazzclub. He immediately made us feel welcome and apologized for just arriving himself. Apparently he plays the drums in a band as well. We were guided through the backstage, checked the sound and by showtime the place was packed! Such nice people!

You’ll find a little picture show below. For us, this was a night we will never forget!









Breda Jazz Festival was amazing! No doubt!

So Breda Jazz Festival was great! Again! It was the third time we played there and Roland Kompier an his team amazes us each time how well organized this festival is. Due to circumstances we brought along the amazing piano player Luk Vermeir from Isolde et les Bens. Our own dear Pat was struck with an illness so he couldn’t make it. Luk however did a wonderful job!

And we got to see other great bands! We especially like Bert Deivert’s band who played their set after us on the same stage! Go and see them if you have a chance!

And did we say … we love Breda? Yes we DO!